Brought to you by the publisher of Fierce Healthcare, the Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition will identify and showcase outstanding innovation that is driving improvements and transforming the industry.

Our expert panel of judges will review all submissions and determine which companies demonstrate innovative solutions that have the greatest potential to save money, engage patients, or revolutionize the industry.

Key Dates

  • Entry deadline: October 2022
  • Finalists will be notified November 2022
  • The winners will be announced December 2022 

Categories & Criteria

Clinical Information Management

Clinical information management supports decision making and ensures quality patient information at every touchpoint along the patient journey. Solutions suitable for this category include clinical decision support tools, transcription tools, medication management, Meaningful Use, CPOE, ePrescribing, and imaging management.

Data Analytics/Business Intelligence

Innovative data analytics tools enable healthcare organizations to maximize performance, improve customer health and bolster efficiencies through smarter management of resources, risk assessment, quality measurement, clinical resources and predictive modeling. Solutions in this category will bring actionable information directly to users by either enabling the wide dissemination of clinical, financial or operational data, or helping them make sense of it.

Digital/Mobile Health Solutions

Smartphones and tablets have created an intense and perpetual demand for innovative apps, solutions and services designed to engage and educate customers, save money, and enable information sharing among providers, payers and customers alike. Examples of solutions suitable for this category include mobile apps, telemedicine, website development and IT platforms.

Financial/Operational Solutions

Healthcare organizations are seeking new ways to streamline their operations, upgrade legacy systems and increase efficiencies. Solutions suitable for this category include network design, administrative services and solutions to address billing/payment transparency, claims processing, ICD-10/coding, auditing and legal/compliance challenges.

Population Health Management/Patient Engagement Solutions

Consumers are making decisions about their coverage and care on their own, leaving healthcare organizations seeking new ways to engage in this new environment that allows consumers to take charge of their healthcare. At the same time, health insurers and providers are seeking tools that promote behavioral changes, enhance communication and improve the patient experience. Solutions suitable for this category include fitness/wellness tools, retail solutions, transparency solutions, care management solutions, education tools and social engagement tools.

Overall Winners will be selected from the category winners. The Best in Show categories are:

  • Best Cost Saving Solution
  • Best Engagement Solution
  • Best New Product/Service

2021 Finalist and Winner

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