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Healthcare communicators are forging an inspirational new path transforming the way people think and talk about our industry and how healthcare is delivered. To build on this and keep it going, GCI Health and the team behind the Pharma PR & Communications Summit, Fierce Life Sciences, are partnering to bring together industry leaders like you, for candid conversations about the new realities and opportunities healthcare communicators face in our rapidly evolving environment.

Through three 30-minute virtual panel discussions, we’ll explore how the industry’s reputation is undergoing much-needed improvement, how to achieve the right tone, content and cadence in communications during unprecedented global events and how policy and public health communications can drive lasting change around longstanding disparities. Our goal is for participants to walk away with tangible insights and strategies to apply to their own activities and to continue to build on the good work that has been achieved the last few months.

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Thursday, July 9

10:00AM ET
Unprecedented Public Support for Pharma: An Opportunity to Lead Like Never Before
The pharmaceutical industry’s reputation is changing for the better, driven by the industry’s innovative and heartfelt response to the pandemic. Companies have an opportunity to build on their communications strategies and step up to lead important new conversations, with the understanding that the public is actively listening in a new way.

Wendy Lund

Wendy Lund

Chief Executive Officer
GCI Health

Rob Jekielek, Managing Director, The Harris Poll

Rob Jekielek
Managing Director
The Harris Poll

Ed Harnaga, Vice President, R&D Corporate Affairs, Pfizer

Ed Harnaga
Vice President, R&D Corporate Affairs

10:30AM ET
How Policy and Public Health Communicators Can Drive Movement to Address Disparities
COVID-19 serves as another example of how long-standing disparities result in disproportionate health impact on marginalized communities. As our country grapples with recent unrest, how can policy and public health communicators collaborate to address systemic failures that continue to leave entire communities behind.

Trey Watkins, Senior Vice President, Global Health & Corporate Responsibility, GCI Health

Trey Watkins

Senior Vice President, Global Health & Corporate Responsibility
GCI Health

Synim Rivers, MPH, Director, R&D Communications, Horizon Therapeutics

Synim Rivers, MPH
Director, R&D Communications
Horizon Therapeutics

Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH, Deputy Commissioner, Division of Disease Control, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH
Deputy Commissioner, Division of Disease Control
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Carmen Villar, Vice President, Social Business Innovation, Merck

Carmen Villar
Vice President, Social Business Innovation

11:00AM ET
Communications During Times of Widespread Unrest
The world is enduring unprecedented stress over the past few months dealing with an unexpected global pandemic, lost jobs, an increase in depression and an uncertain future. During these unprecedented times, how can companies adapt communication efforts to acknowledge stakeholders’ “new normal” and ensure that messages aren’t misconstrued or tone deaf.

Kristin Cahill, President, North America, GCI Health

Kristin Cahill

President, North America
GCI Health

Cherise Shockley, Community Manager, Diatribe

Cherise Shockley
Community Manager

Alicia C. Aebersold, Chief Communications Officer, American Psychological Association

Alicia C. Aebersold
Chief Communications Officer
American Psychological Association

Darren Martin Jr. President and CEO StreamLined and Bold Culture

Darren Martin Jr.
President and CEO
Bold Culture